Vandana Sharma has, entered the world of abstract art from portrait pictures after learning and passing through the fine-tuned and refined process. And it has not happened in a single day. In fact, it is not possible without imbibing the multi-dimensions of the art tradition with keen interest and she has followed the tradition beautifully.

The abstract pictures of Vandana Sharma exhibit knowledge, glory and fineness of the traditional art with clear impact of pictures, with which she entered the world of colors and drawing. Congrats, various milestones have been covered in the journey. With the impact of the art during learning process, now she has reached to a level of positive and relevant art, for which, undoubtedly, she has put-in a lot of efforts. And in view of her talent, it could be said easily that this feet is just among the few steps with unending probabilities.

The art work of Vandana Sharma has impressive balance of drawing and designing besides eye-catching color combination. Drawing, curves and images, not only express, what she wants to but also appears to speak for themselves. Different layer, shape, color and lines of the drawing, all tends to supplement each other to make a complete art. Each picture, with the proper selection of each ingredient of the art express her mind accurately. Due to these reasons, her pictures have stability alongside constructiveness of rhythm and pace running in parallel. It is satisfactory that she has touched various dimensions of fineness of the art, with accuracy and fast and with time getting sharper. She has extended to canvas, which shows her deep affection and dedication to the art.